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About Us

Our team of talented media professionals at Bayno Shoots understand how to capture the heart of a property and share that vision with the world. Our passion lies in the details; with exceptional expertise in both photography and videography, we will highlight the best aspects of any property to help Southern California real estate agents stand out and build a strong brand with stunning visuals and materials. From using the highest quality drone technology to interior and exterior photography and videography, we are dedicated to showcasing a property's full potential to potential buyers.

Bayan Kabbani


Bayan (Bayno) is a professional cinematographer and drone pilot (FAA Licensed) based in Los Angeles. He is a visionary entrepreneur who has achieved remarkable success in the photography and videography field, specializing in real estate and architecture for the past 12 years.

Bayan's commitment to excellence and unparalleled attention to detail have helped him produce masterful images that have made him a well-known and respected figure in the industry. He has used his acquired skills in business administration, mass communications with an emphasis on production and media to build his own thriving company.

Beyond his professional achievements, Bayan is an active member of his local community and a devoted father to one daughter. With his dedication and extraordinary skillset; he has had an extraordinary career that stands as a true testament to his innovative spirit and his passion for creating content.


Bayno Shoots Cinematography Equipment

DRONE: DJI MAVIC 3 Cine & DJI Mini 3
CAMERA: Panasonic LUMIX S5ll & Fujifilm X-H2S
3D Camera: Insta 360X3
LENS: Laowa 7.5-mm
Mic: Rode Wireless Go Compact
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro/Photoshop/After Effects/Illustrator/Express

Portray a Superior Impression of Your Property